Petroleum Marketing

The APMC Marketing team is responsible for all aspects of marketing the Crown’s Conventional Crude Oil Royalty in Kind (CORIK) barrels including trading, scheduling and settlement.

Royalties are rooted in ownership. They are about Albertans, as owners, collecting value from our resources.

Alberta is endowed with the full spectrum of hydrocarbon resources, including: natural gas, light oil, medium oil, heavy oil, and bitumen in our oil sands. The Alberta Crown (government) owns the mineral rights to the majority of these resources. However, the government does not develop Alberta’s resources all on its own. It works with energy companies as partners to find, develop, produce and sometimes sell the resource on its behalf. 

A portion of all resources produced from Alberta Crown lands are reserved to the Crown at the time of production. Crude oil royalty volumes are taken in kind by APMC and marketed for the benefit of all Albertans. The Crown’s royalty share of natural gas and bitumen production is received in cash after a deemed sale back to energy companies following production.

Petroleum Marketing Resources for Producers

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