Our vision is to maximize the market value of Alberta's petroleum resources

We market royalty in kind petroleum resources, develop business opportunities, execute petroleum ventures, advise government and execute on government direction.


What We Do

Our Business

We strive to promote a transparent, competitive and efficient market for Alberta's energy resources and focus on strategies that optimize the value of our existing business and the advancement of opportunities in energy.

  • 79000

    Sturgeon Refinery designed to process approx. bbl/d of diluted bitumen blend feedstock

  • 76145

    Avg. Crude Oil Royalty In Kind bbl/d marketed calendar YTD to December 31, 2022

  • 40300

    Sturgeon Refinery designed to produce approx. bbl/d ultra-low sulphur diesel

  • 2800000

    Estimated tonnes of CO2 captured by Sturgeon Refinery since June 2020

Sturgeon Refinery Aerial view

NWR Sturgeon Refinery

56212, Range Rd 220, Redwater, AB

The NWR Sturgeon Refinery is the world’s only refinery designed from the ground up to minimize its environmental footprint through carbon capture and storage...

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A major pipeline and refinery hub with storage, refinery connectivity, and a connection point for major distribution pipelines (Enbridge, and Trans Mountain)

Image for Hardisty project. Shows an open road.


Hardisty is a major pipeline and storage hub and a connection point for major distribution pipelines like Enbridge, Keystone or Express/Platte pipeline.


1050, 250 5 Street Calgary, AB

APMC’s head office is located in the heart of Calgary’s downtown core.

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NWR Sturgeon Refinery
Sturgeon Refinery colour photo

Maximizing the market value of Alberta's petroleum resources

The APMC's unique strategy to advance our Mission and overcome critical challenges is to strengthen and leverage our market presence and industry expertise to optimize the value of the existing business, advance opportunities and provide strategic recommendations to the government.

As part of its Mission and priorities, the APMC brings petroleum industry expertise and commercial insight to enhance the value of Alberta's petroleum resources through:

  • Marketing royalty-in-kind petroleum resources

  • Creating and developing business opportunities to support and enable industry growth

  • Executing related commercial petroleum ventures that benefit Alberta

  • Advising government on opportunities and issues, and executing on the direction of the government

2023 APMC Annual Report

The Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission publishes an Annual Report each year. Financial statements are also included in the annual report of the Ministry of Energy.

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